Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Changing Password using Sql Developer

At my site i have access to 6 database instances. Every three months i have to change passwords for each instance and as per rules, we have to use longer and complicated passwords. For changing password in one instance, I had to do the following

  1. Login to that instance using sqlplus, i had to enter existing password once
  2. Type Password
  3. Enter Old Password
  4. Enter New Password
  5. Enter New Password
And if there is any mistake in typing, redo whole thing again. Today I found a better way to change password in all instance
  1. Login to database using sql developer
  2. Type following command
    alter user user_name identified by "New_Password" replace "Old_Password";
and password changes without any problem.

Note: New_Password and Old_Password values should be in double quotes.

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