Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bank and Bank Branches in Rel12

Bank and Bank branches are stored in HZ_PARTIEES.

Bank and Bank Branches have PARTY_TYPE value as ORGANIZATION.

Bank_id and bank_branch_id columns of IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS and CE_BANK_ACCOUNTS point to party_id column of HZ_PARTIES

Party Ids of bank and branch are related and relation is stored in HZ_RELATIONSHIPS table. Bank id refers to object id and branch id refers to subject id. Relationship_code has value of “BRANCH_OF’ and relationship type has a value of “BANK_AND_BRANCH”

Bank_id and Branch_id have a record in HZ_ORGANIZATION_PROFILE. For Branch_id, bank_or_branch_number column stores routing information.

How do I know if a given party_id in HZ_PARTIES table is bank of Branch? Query HZ_CODE_ASSIGNMENTS table such that owner_table_id is party_id for bank or branch and CLASS_CODE tells if a given party is BANK_BRANCH or BANK or CLEARINGHOUSE etc.

List of banks can obtained from a view CE_BANKS_V
List of bank branches can be obtained from a view CE_BANK_BRANCHES_V

These view do not give list of End dated or inactive bank or bank branch.