Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oracle Forms Runtime Diagnostics and Trace

This is applicable to Oracle application release 12.1.3

Following metalink notes provide step to generate Forms runtime diagnostics and trace

  1. R12: Forms Runtime Diagnostics (FRD), Tracing And Logging For Forms In Oracle Applications ( Doc ID 438652.1 )
  2. How To Collect And Use Forms Trace (FRD) in Oracle Applications Release 12 (Doc ID 373548.1)

To Generate Forms Trace, this is what I did:

  1. Checked profile option definition for profile Forms Runtime Parameters. If this profile is not updateable by user then make it updateable by user.

  2. Now modify the profile profile Forms Runtime Parameters at user level and set it to record=forms tracegroup=full. Record and trace group are separated by a single space character. This setting of profile will generate forms trace.

  3. It will create trace file in the directory $FORMS_TRACE_DIR. Trace file name will be forms_<pid>.trc . This file is binary file and it needs to be converted to readable format using following command. First connamd give xml output and second one gives html output that i prefer. (please note that $AFJVAPRG is an environment variable that points to java executable

    1. $AFJVAPRG -cp $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmxlate.jar oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate datafile=$FORMS_TRACE_DIR/forms_13840.trc outputfile=$MY_DIR/forms_trace.xml outputclass=WriteOut

    2. $AFJVAPRG -cp $ORACLE_HOME/forms/java/frmxlate.jar oracle.forms.diagnostics.Xlate datafile=$FORMS_TRACE_DIR/forms_13840.trc outputfile=$MY_DIR/forms_trace.xml outputclass=WriteOutHTML

To Generate Forms Runtime diagnostics, this is what I did:

  1. Set profile Forms Runtime Parameters at user level to record=collect

  2. It will create FRD output in $FORMS_TRACE_DIR and filename would be collect__<pid>

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