Sunday, March 10, 2013

Submitting Autoinvoice using SQL Script

We were importing invoices from one Oracle ERP instance to another Oracle ERP instance. We used AR invoice interface. Since Autoinvoice imports invoices only by batch source, it was cumbersome to run Autoinvoice 5 to 6 times and import invoices from all sources in our test system. Our invoice data had invoices and credit memos. Invoice was created using one batch source and credit memo was creatd using another batch source. so import of credit memo failed because of absence of original invoice. So I had to run Autoinvoice again for all remaining batch sources. So overall i had to run Autoinvoice up to 10 times. i got tired and decided to use following script to submit Autoinvoice for each batch. I executed this sql script using a concurrent program. At end of concurrent program i submit it again to process all failed credit memos. it worked very well. I could go for coffee and by the time i came back all invoices were imported.

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