Monday, March 11, 2013

Accounts Payable : Table of Content

  1. Accounts Payable queries

    1. Invoices Eligible for Payments
    2. Validation Status and Workflow Approval Status of an Invoice Batch
    3. Supplier's Bank Account Details
    4. Supplier's Payment Methods
    5. Supplier's Taxpayer ID
    6. Payment Batch Status
    7. Payment Batch Details
    8. Payment Batches Waiting to be Reviewed
    9. Invoice Paid in Payment Batches
    10. Unpaid Invoices by Date

  2. Performance Issue with Accounts Payable

    1. Payment Process Request Program is SLOW
    2. Unaccounted Transactions Report (XML)
    3. Open Encumbrance Year: Slow Performance

  3. Example Scripts

    1. Cancel Accounts Payable Invoice Example
    2. Release Hold on Accounts Payable Invoices

  4. FND_FLEX_EXT.get_ccid Example

  5. Creating Banks in Accounts Payables

  6. Creating Bank Branch in Accounts Payables

  7. Accounts Payable Lookup Codes

  8. Invoice Validation Error: APP-PO-14144: PO_ACTIONS-065: Subroutine CLOSE_AUTO() returned error

  9. Business Events

    1. Invoice Validation

  10. Open Financial Periods

  11. Account Payable Metallink Notes/White Papers

    1. R12 Payment Process Request - Functional and Technical Information [ID 821133.1]
    2. R12: Master Troubleshooting Guide for Payment Process Requests (PPRs) for Oracle Payables [ID 1305001.1]
    3. Oracle Payables (AP): Create Accounting Information Center [ID 1330739.1]
    4. Cannot Query an Upgraded Invoice Batch with Type QUICKDEFAULT

  12. Oracle Payables Documentation

    1. Oracle Payables User's Guide Rel 12.1

OCA Oracle Database 11g By Watson, John/ Ramklass, Roopesh

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