Saturday, December 22, 2012

Compiling Flexfields

At my site, when we were upgrading from Oracle Application Rel11.5.9 to Rel12.1.3, we changed the directory path for incoming interface data files. There were many interface programs that needed directory name as a parameter. Those parameter values were not valid for upgraded instance. So we created one small sqlplus script that will update default value for directory path to new value applicable to upgraded environment. We might have updated more than 15 programs in this way. When we tried to run those interface programs, those program showed old value for directory path and that was incorrect. We looked everywhere could not find the reason. Then our DBA suggested compiling all flex fields. That did the trick and interface programs started displaying correct value for directory path. Then I realized that concurrent programs are displayed/accepted using a flex field with name like $SRS$.. If we updated default value of a concurrent program’s parameter then it should be recompiled using following command and it fixed the issue in other testing environment

fdfcmp apps/<password> 0 Y D '<Concurrent Program Application short Name>' '$SRS$.<Concurrent Program Short Name>'

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