Friday, October 19, 2012

Ritik's Adventure

I think we should let our children do whatever they want. Let them destroy things. Yesterday when i reached home, i found my laptop was not working. Found out that my son Ritik who attends 4th grade did not like Fedora on that laptop and wanted to install Ubuntu. So he did something and messed up file system. I thought to restore windows7 but that did not work because nothing was wrong with Windows7 partition. When we start our laptop, it will go to Grub rescue. I and he did not have any idea of grub rescue. When my older son Rishabh who attends University of Minnesota as a 12th grade PSEO student came back from U of MN, i asked him if anything can be done. He asked Ritik to search some Ubuntu boot repair and fix the issue. Poor Ritik, searched it and fixed it without my or Rishabh's help. He was very happy and ready to break something else.

This is what Ritik explained me via email about what happened and how it was fixed.


How to make your hard drive go bad

1. Install Linux alongside Windows.

2. Download and install Linux. Doesn't matter which version.

3.In Windows, download & run some partion editor and delete the Linux file system.

4.While you can, make a Ubuntu Live CD. Go to to download *.iso .

5. Reboot and notice you booted into GRUB Rescue.

6.Press and hold the power button down until the computer shuts down.

7.Boot from the live CD

8. Click "Try Ubuntu"

9. Connect to the internet.

10.Follow the instructions at

11. Reboot.

Ritik Mishra

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