Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Init.Ora Parameter: sessions

Yesterday we went live with Release 12 AR. We have one report that we execute using a request set and some parameters of that report have default value that users can not change. The parameter’s values were sourced from fnd_lookup_values using a value set. For some reason, the value for max_session was low in production environment. Very soon open sessions reached max number of session value. At the same time, a user submitted the request set. I think, there was no session available, so parameter validation sql could not be executed and something failed but request execution continued. The request was in pending status and all parameters were NULL. Since there no more sessions were available, things were not moving. DBAs changed the max session value and few other init.ora parameters and restarted the database and form server etc. when system came up, the request restarted. Since request had all parameters as NULL, report was running for longer than usual and it would have generated a huge report. This would have definitely caused some more issues. So we cancelled the request and resubmitted it. I checked opens sessions using select * from v$resource_limit or select count(*) from v$session. v$parameter can give value of sessions parameter. this the value of maximum sessions.

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