Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Default Output Type for Oracle Applications BIP Reports

The default output for most of the xml publisher/BIP reports is NULL (You can see it by querying any seeded xml report using XML Publisher Administrator responsibility and navigating to Home -> Templates) and out of box the profile option “FND: Default Template Output Type” at site level is set to NULL, so when users run any seeded xml report, it generates RTF output that can not be sent to printer directly. Users have to open the output and then print to the desired printer. In order to print xml publisher report in PDF format, users have to do one of the following

1. Either change the output type while submitting a report
2. Open the report output and then print using file menu

The profile option “FND: Default Template Output Type” can be of help here. This profile option can be set to PDF at site level for direct printing. By doing so, users can print a xml publisher report directly without changing output type while submitting a report.

(This is applicable to Oracle Applications Release 12.)

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