Thursday, September 08, 2016

Log and Output Files of Concurrent Requests

I do not perform user acceptance testing but recently I had to help users with acceptance testing. I was supposed to run a request set and save log files and output files. That request set had 38 concurrent programs and users wanted to save 20 log and output files. It was painful to save log and output files. So I created this small script that can save log and output files for all requests. This script should be modified for

  1. Username who ran the request sets
  2. Request set run start and end time
  3. Test Case Number (It is used for group results of a request set run, it could be Request Set request id too)
  4. Directory name where file should be copied
The output of this script can be transferred to shell script and by executing that shell script, log and output files can be copied to desired directory.

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