Thursday, May 21, 2015

Purge Purchasing Open Interface Processed Data

The concurrent program "Purge Purchasing Open Interface Processed Data" can be used for purging data from PO interface tables that has been either imported successfully or rejected. This program provides good set of parameters for purging data from interface tables. This program runs sql script $PO_TOP/sql/POXPOIPR.sql to purge data. This must be very old program because it does not make any sense to run pl/sql script. it should have been executing a pl/sql package because that would more efficient. The script calls following procedure to purge data from interface tables.


The concurrent program does not provide any parameter for purging "IN PROCESS" records but this procedure does a check for deleting "IN PROCESS" records. On a second look, i found that program can purge "IN PROCESS" interface records only if parameter "Document" (PO Number) is passed to this program. At my site, i can not pass "Document" parameter because of incorrect definition of value set "PO_PDOI_PURGABLE_DOC_NUM".

This procedure deletes data from following table

  1. po_headers_interface
  2. po_lines_interface
  3. po_line_locations_interface
  4. po_distributions_interface
  5. po_price_diff_interface
  6. po_attr_values_interface
  7. po_attr_values_tlp_interface
Data from all tables is deleted based on interface_header_id column of po_headers_interface table.

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