Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Working with Forms Template

Delete following objects

  1. Block BLOCKNAME
  3. Canvas BLOCKNAME
  4. window BLOCKNAME

Make following changes:
  1. Create a new block for table such as AP_INVOICES_ALL Select few fields to display
  2. Create Layout on New canvas. Change canvas name to meaningful name such as CNVS_INVOICES
  3. Create a new window, Change window for new canvas to newly created window WIN_INVOICES
  4. Change form property first navigable block to BLK_AP_INVOICES_ALL
  5. Modify PRE_FORM trigger and replaced BLOCKNAME with WIN_INVOICES
  6. Modify procedure app_custom.close_window and replace '<your first window>' with first window name i.e.WIN_INVOICES. If you do not modify this procedure then when you close main window, form will not close and control may go to some app property window and it can not be closed.

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