Thursday, March 08, 2012

Terminate Payment Instruction

At our site, one day we ran payment and forgot to give invoice batch parameter to payment process. So payment process selected all invoices, total of 3.2 million unpaid invoices. Dev environment was slow, so Record Print Status program got stuck, it was taking too much time, we did not have any idea when it will finish. So we terminated the concurrent program for Record Print Status and tried to terminate Payment Instructions so that invoices could be paid using other payment requests. Since payment batch had 3.2 million invoices, Terminate payment instruction timed out, we tried few times but it did not help, probably this made matter worse. So my colleague Lee Gunderson opened Terminate Instruction Page and found API used for terminating payment instruction. I used following script and executed it using sql script based concurrent program. It cancelled payment instruction in 10 minutes,

  v_errbuf       VARCHAR2(2000);
  v_retcode      VARCHAR2(80);
  v_debug_flag   VARCHAR2(3) := 'Y'; /* Not used by this procedure */
  l_instr_id     NUMBER := 24863; /* <<---Payment instruction that needs to be cancelled. */
  l_status_code  VARCHAR2(240);
  l_ret_status   VARCHAR2(2000);
   ( l_instr_id
   , l_status_code /* This param is not used by this procedure*/
   , l_ret_status 
   fnd_file.put_line(fnd_file.log, 'Return Status := ' || l_ret_status);

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