Monday, December 05, 2011



Payment_service_request_idPrimary Key
Calling_app_idFor Invoice Payment, it is application Id of SQLAP
Calling_app_pay_service_req_codecheckrun_name of ap_inv_selection_criteria_all
Payment_service_request_statusLookup iby_request_statuses
Allow_zero_payments_flagId it is no then an invoice and Credit memo of same amount will not get paid and those documents will remian in unpaid status
Process_typeLookup type IBY_PROCESS_TYPES. This col has a value of STANDARD if payments are submitted using payment UI. I do not know when this col is set to MANUAL
Internal_bank_account_idforeign key ot ce_bank_accounts
Payment_profile_idForeign key to IBY_ACCT_PMT_PROFILES_B
Documemt_rejection_level_codeLookup type IBY_DOCUMENT_REJECTION_LEVELS. if it is set to REQUEST then whoe request is rejected if a single payment fails for any reason
Payment_rejection_level_codeLookup type IBY_PAYMENT_REJECTION_LEVELS. it is set to Y then whole payment request fails if a single payment fails due to any reason
Create_pmt_instruction_flagIf it is Y then Create Payment Instruction program is started after Build program completes
Payment_Document_Idforeign key to CE_PAYMENT_DOCUMENTS

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