Tuesday, December 06, 2011

IBY_PAYMENTS_ALL Column descriptions


Payment_idPrimary Key
payment_service_request_idforeign key to iby_pay_service_requests
Porcess_typeLookup IBY_PROCESS_TYPES
Payment_statusLookup IBY_PAYMENT_STATUSES
Exclusive_payment_flagif it is Y then normally one invoice is paid using this payment
Internal_bank_account_idForeign key to ce_bank_accounts
Ext_payee_idForeign key to iby_external_payees_all
Payee_party_idForeign key to HZ_Parties, party associated with Supplier
Supplier_site_idForeign key to ap_supplier_sites_all
Paper_document_numbercheck Number.
ext_bank_account_idForeign key to iby_ext_bank_accounts
Payment_amountcheck/EFT amount

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  1. how to create record to this table while creating ap_checks ?