Thursday, December 01, 2011

IBY_ACCOUNT_OWNERS Column Descriptions

It took some time for me to figure out usage of this table. This table does not have much information except list accounts that are available to a party. In Payment module, external bank accounts are normally attached to a supplier or supplier site or address or address + operating unit. In order to associate an external bank account with supplier or site or address or address + OU, a record for the party should exists in this table and that’s the end of it. Once an external bank account is associated with supplier at site or supplier or address or address + OU level, record in this table is not used for anything else. Records are added to this table when user clicks “CREATE” button on Supplier’s Banking Detail tab and enters Bank/Bank Branch/account type details. On this page, users have option to add entirely different supplier(s) in “Account Owners” region. In this way users can associate a bank account with multiple Suppliers. Now users can go back to Supplier Entry page and Query other supplier and associated bank account by using “ADD” button of Banking Detail Page

Account_owner_idPrimary Key
ext_bank_account_idForeign key to IBY_EXT_BANK_ACCOUNTS
account_owner_party_idForeigh key to HZ_PARTIES


  1. Thanks for this! You help me to solve a problem :)


  2. Wich is the API for this table??? I need update PRIMARY_FLAG field in this table. I need to put "Y" or "N" just like i want it.

    1. You may use IBY_EXT_BANKACCT_PUB.add_joint_account_owner to add owner(s) to a bank account. This API does not allow control over primary flag. When a bank account is added for the first time, primary flag is set to “Y” i.e. if bank_account_id does not exist in this table then primary flag is set to ‘Y’ for owner being added. When other vendors are assigned to existing bank account, primary flag is set to “N” .