Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Process Locboxes: ARLPLB Program was terminated by signal 11

We were upgrading from 11.5.9 to Release 12.1.2. We have a request set that submits many jobs and one of the jobs submits "Process Lockboxes".
"Process Lockboxes" was submitted but it completed with error “Program was terminated by signal 11”.

In Release 12, ARLPLB program has following two new parameters

SUBMISSION_TYPEThis parameter does not have any value set associated with it. If you submit Process Lockboxes” using ‘Receivables -> Interfaces -> Lockbox, this parameter has a value of "L"
SCORING_MODEL This parameter does not have any value set associated with it. If you submit Process Lockboxes” using ‘Receivables -> Interfaces -> Lockbox, this parameter has a value of NULL

Our host program that submits “Process Lockboxes” using CONCSUB was passing only 11.5.9 parameters. It was not passing two new parameters. APLPBP is a Pro*C program, so it must be trying to access argv[19] and argv[20] (argv[0] is first parameter) and it generated segmentation fault core dump. Signal 11 means segmentation fault.

So in order to fix this error, I just passed "L" and NULL for SUBMISSION_TYPE and SCORING_MODEL parameters. To pass NULL parameter using CONCSUB, one has to include two double quotes with single quote i.e '""'. (This found at, #28)


  1. Hi,

    Even i added the two parameters what you specified i am still getting the same error for the "Process Lockboxes".

    Could you please tell me what would be the problem ASAP?

    1. If you submit lockbox (using Responsibility "Receivables Manager" and Navigation Interfaces -> Lockbox), you will notice there are 22 parameters.
      In Oracle Application Rel 12.1.3, one more parameter has been added but concurrent program definition "ARLPLB" definition has not been updated. The new parameter has not been added at the end, it has been added before submission type. I do not know the parameter name or its purpose but passing a value of "N" for this parameter solved our issue.

    2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THAK YOU!!! I just spent 3 hours trying to figure out why my program stopped working after we applied a lockbox patch!! I would have never imagined a new parameter was added to ARLPLB!!
      - Evelyn

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    4. declare
      v_request_id number;
      FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE (0, 50268, 222);
      v_request_id :=
      (application => 'AR',
      program => 'ARLPLB',
      description => NULL,
      start_time => NULL,
      sub_request => NULL,
      argument1 => 'Y', -- P_NEW_TRANSMISSION
      argument2 => '', -- P_TRANSMISSION_ID
      argument3 => '', -- P_ORIGINAL_REQUEST_ID
      argument4 => 'LB10',----v_transmission_name,
      argument5 => 'Y', -- P_RUN_IMPORT
      argument6 => '/orabackup/R1224/DEMO/fs1/EBSapps/datafile_lockbox3_BEST.dat',----V_UTL_FILE_IN_DIR||'/'||P_DATA_FILE_NAME, -- DATA FILE PATH
      argument7 => 'arplbox', -- P_CONTROL_FILE_NAME
      argument8 => '1000',----v_transmission_format_id,
      argument9 => 'Y', -- P_SUBMIT_VALIDATION
      argument10 => 'N', -- P_PAY_UNRELATED_INVOICES
      argument11 => '',----v_lockbox_id,
      argument12 => TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MI:SS'),----v_gl_date,
      argument13 => 'A', -- P_REPORT_FORMAT
      argument14 => 'N', -- P_COMPLETE_BATCHES_ONLY
      argument15 => 'Y', -- P_SUBMIT_POST_BATCH
      argument16 => 'N', -- P_ALTERNATE_NAME_SEARCH
      argument17 => ' ', -- P_APPLY_PARTIAL_OR_REJECT
      argument18 => '', -- P_USSGL_TRANSACTION_CODE
      argument19 => 121,----v_org_id,
      argument20 => 'N',
      argument21 => '1',
      argument22 => 'L',
      argument23 => ''--,
      --CHR(0), CHR(0)
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('=>' || v_request_id);
      DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line ('ERROR' || SQLERRM);


  2. Could You share us the Code? I am still facing the issue.

  3. Hi,

    We are upgrading from 11.5.10 to 12.1.3 and submitting lockbox from Interfaces -> Lockbox. Program completes normal but for few invoices it gives "Invalid Matching Number". Same file processed fine in 11i. Did anyone face this issue? Unable debug it.

    Thanks a ton!

  4. In R12 standard concurrent program or API should have below 23 parameters,
    1.New transmission (Y/N) (NEW_TRANSMISSION)
    2.transmission_id (LB_TRANSMISSION_ID)
    3.original request id (ORIG_REQUEST_ID)
    4.transmission name (TRANSMISSION_NAME)
    5.submit import (Y/N) (SUBMIT_IMPORT) (DATA_FILE)
    7.control file (CNTRL_FILE)
    8.transmission format id (TRANSMISSION_FORMAT_ID)
    9.submit validation (Y/N) (SUBMIT_VALIDATION) unrelated invoices (Y/N) (PAY_UNRELATED_INVOICES)
    11.lockbox ID (LOCKBOX_ID) date (GL_DATE) format (REPORT_FORMAT)
    14.complete batches only (Y/N) (COMPLETE_BATCHES_ONLY)
    15.submit post-batch (Y/N) (SUBMIT_POSTBATCH)
    16.alternate name search option (ALTERNATE_NAME_SEARCH) partial amount or reject entire receipt (Y/N) (IGNORE_INVALID_TXN_NUM)
    18.USSGL transaction code (USSGL_TRN_CODE)
    19.Organization Id (ORG_ID)
    20.Apply Unearned Discount (Y/N) (APPLY_UNEARN_DISC)
    21.Number of Instances (1-99) (NO_OF_INSTANCES)
    22.Source type flag (S – SmartCash or L - Lockbox) (SOURCE_TYPE_FLAG)
    23.scoring model Id (SCORING_MODEL_ID)