Monday, June 28, 2010

Customer's Credit Card

Customer's credit cards are stored in table IBY_CREDITCARD.
Main columns of this table

Addressid Refers to party_site_use_id column of HZ_PARTY_SITE_USES table
Card_Owner_Id Refers to party_id column of HZ_PARTIES table
Card_Issuer_Code Refers to card_issuer_code of IBY_CREDITCARD_ISSUERS_B/TL tables

This information is applicable to Rel 12.1.2


  1. Addess ID : Address identifier, FK to HZ_LOCATIONS table

    1. In my test system, i created a new credit card. ADDRESSID is FK to HZ_PARTY_SITE_USES. i used this query to verify.

      select pty.party_name
      , psu.site_use_type
      , loc.address1
      , loc.state
      , loc.postal_code
      from iby_creditcard cc
      , hz_parties pty
      , hz_party_site_uses psu
      , hz_party_sites ps
      , hz_locations loc
      where cc.chname = 'SANJAI MISRA NAME ON CARD'
      and cc.card_owner_id = pty.party_id
      and cc.addressid = psu.party_site_use_id
      and psu.party_site_id = ps.party_site_id
      and ps.location_id = loc.location_id