Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Defining a Concurrent Program parameter which depends on other parameter

Suppose you define a concurrent program parameter "Printer Style" and it uses value set XXONT_PRINTER_STYLES for validation.

You have another parameter "Printer Name" that uses value set "XXONT_PRINTER_NAMES for validation. You want LOV for "Printer name" dependent on "Printer Style" value. The value set XXONT_PRINTER_NAME should be defined as given below

Table Application Application Object Library
Table Name fnd_printer prn, fnd_printer_information pi
Table column: Value printer_name
where clause: where prn.printer_type = pi.printer_type and pi.printer_style = :$FLEX$.XXONT_PRINTER_STYLES

Where clause contains :$FLEX$.XXONT_PRINTER_STYLES. The parameter "Print Style" is validated using "XXONT_PRINTER_STYLES". In this way LOV for "Print Names" will depend on entered value of "Printer Style" and at the time of running the request, user can not enter a value of "Printer Name" parameter unless he/she enters "Printer Style" first.

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