Thursday, April 16, 2009

Concurrent Program incompatibility

This is a good link on this subject

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  1. Hi, I have a custom form, which will be listed all the PO's for which OSP Job is listed. First, I will create the receipt for the JOB, and then Complete the JOB. After that, I will find the Parent for the OSP JOB (which i have completed), Issue the OSP Job Quantity and finally complete the OSP's Parent JOB. In this process, I am submitting PO Receipt, WIP Completion requests for OSP JOB and WIP Completion for the Parent JOB of OSP JOB.

    If I have multiple POs selected from my custom form, I am getting the performance issue; i.e., Until unless the first program is completed(i mean the process of First PO), the second PO is not processed. Hence, It is taking lot of time. How to come out of this issue ? Can you please suggest ...