Monday, June 23, 2008

My questions

  1. What is your preferred browser?

  2. What operating system you like?

  3. You have option of querying ra_customer_trx on cust_trx_id on trx_number. what would you use?

  4. You are suppose to develop a report. You are given a tdd. What would do before submitting you work for system test?

  5. How will you get order number for an invoice

  6. How would you tie receipt to an invoice

  7. What api would you use to remit a receipt

  8. What api would you use to clear a receipt

  9. what step would you take to reconcile a bank statement?

  10. You get customer account id and credit score in a flat file. these values are separated by comma. Based on this flat file you have to update a custom table. primary key to custom table is customer account id. How would you do that?

  11. Suppose a table t1 has two column a and b. The query select count(*) from t1 where a = 20 gives you 20 and query select count(*) from t1 where b=10 give you 10. so what will be the result of query select count(*) from t1 where a=20 or b=10

  12. How would you tune your form/concurrent program/Report/pl/sql pkg

  13. How would convert rows from a table into columns

  14. How would you delete duplicate rows from a table

  15. Using order organizer, you can cancel an order. How would you stop certain users from canceling orders?

  16. where would you find cancel date of an order?

  17. From where can you get order line freight?

  18. Suppose you have to cancel 1000 orders. How would you cancel those orders?

  19. How will you delete those orders

  20. suppose you have create a $5 adjustment to 500 invoices. How would you do that?

  21. Suppose owning to bug, one of order capture application charged $10 extra for an item. How would you fix that?

  22. How would you debug OM module functions/forms?

  23. What table can give you order cancellation date?

  24. What table can give customer's ship to address

  25. What tables can give you customer's bank account information?

  26. what steps are needed to create flex field on a custom table

  27. What are currently working on?

  28. Please tell me about you current project? team details, time line

  29. Most boring project

  30. How would you determine if two customer's are related?

  31. How would you load initial inventory?

  32. How would you make a concurrent program accessible from two responsibilities?

  33. How would you add debug messages in a form

  34. How will find the query used by a form block

  35. Can you please tell me something about trace analyzer

  36. What API is used for creating contact points

  37. How would you get all contact points for a customer

  38. How would you get all addresses for a customer

  39. What Oracle APIs have you used

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