Friday, June 06, 2008

Flex Field Form: Value Set not available for 'Value Set' Field

whe you hit LOV for 'Value Set' field, if your desired value set in not being displayed, then check the 'Maximum Size' of value set. It is more than 30 for Independent value sets or 80 for Table based value sets then that value set will not be displayed in LOV. it is because of LOV query. The LOV query is given below

SELECT flex_value_set_name, vt.meaning validation_type_meaning,
ft.meaning format_type_meaning, v.description, v.flex_value_set_id
FROM fnd_flex_value_sets v,
fnd_lookups vt,
fnd_lookups ft,
fnd_flex_validation_tables t
WHERE ( UPPER (flex_value_set_name) LIKE :1
AND ( flex_value_set_name LIKE :2
OR flex_value_set_name LIKE :3
OR flex_value_set_name LIKE :4
OR flex_value_set_name LIKE :5
AND ( vt.lookup_type = 'SEG_VAL_TYPES'
AND vt.lookup_code = v.validation_type
AND ft.lookup_type = 'FIELD_TYPE'
AND ft.lookup_code = v.format_type
AND v.flex_value_set_id = t.flex_value_set_id(+)
AND v.flex_value_set_name NOT LIKE '$FLEX$.%'
AND v.validation_type IN ('I', 'F')
AND v.format_type = 'C'
AND v.alphanumeric_allowed_flag = 'Y'
AND v.uppercase_only_flag = 'N'
AND v.numeric_mode_enabled_flag = 'N'
AND ( (v.validation_type = 'I' AND v.maximum_size <= 30)
OR ( v.validation_type = 'F'
AND v.maximum_size <= 80

AND t.id_column_type IN ('C', 'V')
AND t.id_column_size <= 30
AND t.value_column_type IN ('C', 'V')
AND t.value_column_size <= 80
ORDER BY v.flex_value_set_name

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