Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Profile Check Engine is not updating customer's profile data

This may happen due to some bug in package CSC_PROFILE_ENGINE_PKG. for some reason, duplicate rows are inserted into csc_prof_check_results for a party and profile check id. So further update fails but no error message is displayed anywhere. You may notice this in contact center. Clicking on refresh button bdoes not change the refresh date.

This query gives the list of account that have two or more rows for one party and a profile check.

select /*+ use_nl ( a b ) */
distinct a.party_id
, b.account_number
from ( select party_id, check_id, count(*)
from csc_prof_check_results
group by party_id, check_id
having count(*) > 1
) a
, hz_cust_accounts b
where b.party_id = a.party_id

You may fix this issue by deleting record from table csc_prof_check_results for affected parties and then navigate to contact center and hit refresh for all such parties.

Note: Package that gets profile values CSC_PROFILE_ENGINE_PKG

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