Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How to Debug Oracle Order Management (OM)

Debug Profile Options

OM: Debug Level
This profile option set the debug level. if it is zero then debug is off. All of the debug messages are displayed if this profile is equal to 5
OM: Debug Log Directory
This tell you the location of Debug file.

Debug File Name
Debug file name has four components
1. literal 'l'
2. substr(to_char(sysdate,'MI'),1,1)
3. oe_debug_s.nextval
4. File extension is '.dbg'

Debug Package

Debug an Order management form such as Order Organizer
    Check OM debug profile option. If the profile option are not set then set OM Debug Level to 5 for maximum debug lines and Set 'OM: Debug Log Directory' to the appropriate directory. List of profile option is given here

    Open Order Organizer and examine block = '$PROFILES$' and field = 'DB_SESSION_ID'.

    Go to debug directory an run grep l*.dbg. This will give you the debug file for your session

Debug an Order Management Concurrent Program
Set the profile options mentioned above.
Run the concurrent program.
All the Debug messages are appended to Concurrent program log file.

Debug OE application using a pl/sql script
If you are executing a OE_ORDER_PUB using a pl/sql script, you may add following lines to your script to see the Order management debug messages.


Please note then directory /tmp must exist.

I canceled an order using OE_ORDER_PUB and there were more than 2000 lines in debug file.

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