Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Descriptive Flexfield Segments (11.5.9)

'Reference field' on this form need is the name of some Form field where Descriptive flexfield is displayed. This form field need not be a database column. It could be description for some id. For example, Transaction form (Receivable Manager responsibility) displays DFF 'Transaction Information'. This DFF has reference field as 'CTT_TYPE_NAME' CTT_TYPE_NAME is the 'NAME' for customer transaction type (table:RA_CUST_TRX_TYPES_ALL). I think DFF window on Transaction form does not enforce 'Transaction Type' to be same as CTT_TYPE_NAME value although 'Transaction Type is defaulted as CTT_TYPE_NAME. User can select any value from drop down list for 'Transaction Type'. In order to avoid a situation where Form field is having one value and context is other, Context field should be set as DISPLAYED=NO. DFF 'Common Lookups' has reference field as LOOKUP_TYPE but it is not displayed and hence user can not change the context.

Copied from Oracle Manual
Suggestion: You should leave the Displayed check box unchecked only if the context field value derives from a reference field or a default value that you specify using this region, or you have only global segments. If you do derive your context field value from a reference field, however, we recommend that you do not allow your user to see or change that value in the flexfield window.

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